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 Hello Everyone!!! :iconnatsugrinplz:

 First of all, I wanted to honestly warn you that this journal entry might be a little bit too long and may contain some SPOILERS Rin okumura (Glasses) from several series. Anyway, I hope that you'll read the text and share with me some of your personal thoughts, too. :iconmoesmileplz:

 Before I go to the main topic, I wanted to thank you for your priceless support and kindness. I'm not too active when it comes to responding to messages, commenting and so on ^^', however, you should know that I actually care about your creativeness and activity. I swear that every single time I try my best in order to keep up with your works especially. I really hope that you will be able to forgive me any failures considering such matters. beg Bunny Emoji-80 (Pretty Please) [V4]

Now, going to the topic mentioned in the journal's title.

Fairy Tail Zero Fairy Tail Icon  

 I'm sure that many of you have already heard about this prequel drawn by Hiro Mashima himself, especially if you are one of Fairy Tail series' fans. To those who doesn't know what's it about there's a little explanation - it is a story about how the Fairy Tail guild was established. It features Mavis Vermillion (the first master of FT), Zeira (a little girl from Mavis's former and not so friendly guild), Yury Dreyar (Makarov's father), Warrod Sequen (the tree-looking but kind-hearted dude) and Precht Gaebolg (also known as Hades after he betrayed his primary guild and joined one of the dark ones - Grimoire Heart). The characters mentioned so far are the first members of FT. Zeref made his appearance, too and the interesting is the fact that he is the one responsible for teaching Mavis such spells as so called 'Law', known as 'Fairy Law' in the main series. fairy tail sting eucliffe icon

 But going back to the recent chapter... Yury, being one of the Treasure Hunters, has a very strong urge when it comes to obtaining worthy things so in consequence, he couldn't resist the temptation and touched the Tenrou Jade, for which they were looking for so long. Due to that and jade's source of dark power, he turned into a dragon and went berserk only to be stopped by Mavis and her magic - 'Law' to be precise.

 I totally love the characters, especially Mavis, who despite being a young girl can show her attitude, strength, loyalty, strong will and many other positive traces. Nevertheless, I would be lying if I said that the events are unpredictable and the plot is full of unexpected twists. Definitely no. The first thing is that when we start reading it (in most cases) we already have the knowleadge of FT guild creators so we can be sure that they won't be dead until the guild will be established. After that, anything's possible. We already know that Mavis is dead while Hades aka Precht and Warrod won't die during the FT Zero's serialization based on their apperances in the main series.
I hope that in the future, the manga's author will give us more opportunities so that we'll be able to get to know the characters more. Such a move makes it easier to understand the characters and their doings.

 I love Yury's design, by the way. Llama Emoji-16 (Nose Bleed) [V1] Somehow he reminds me of Laxus. Laxus Drayer 

Fairy Tail
 Not so long ago, I wrote about how sad is the fact that Gray became the bad guy... CHICA INTENSIFIES chat icon I know very well that Mashima is one of the bests when it comes to trolling but I haven't imagined the actual outcome. I thought that ice boy's soul and heart were corrupted by the darkness and demon powers for real and yet, I couldn't be more wrong! I would never have thought that this was an act, a part of conspiracy plan against the Avatar and their purification operation. Good job Mashima-sensei, I really liked that. APPLAUSE CLAP

 Another thing is that Erza's back! Erza - Ending 17  From the start she's showing her strong will, intelligence and fighting skills kicking asses just by herself. Erza Scarlet That's the Erza that caught my attention and she still remains one of my favourite characters ever, of which I never get bored. What is more, she stated herself that she is in contact with Jellal so it raises my hopes not only for his appearance, but also more romantic scenes between him and Scarlet. <fangirling mode on> Chiyo Fangirling Icon

 Levy and Gajeel, alongside with the big form of Pantherlily appeared so I have high expectations. I want to see them in action as well as in romantic situations.Mr Bean Pervy Meme Medium

 Natsu, in my opinion, hasn't changed a bit and he's the same, hot-headed Dragonslayer we know from the start. He still loves to fight, too.

 As for Lucy... I don't know... Maybe I'm oversensitive when it comes to her and I react just like most of Soul Eater's characters when they hear about Excalibur - Excaliburfaceplz (fixed)  but she's definitely not one of my favourite characters. Firstly, I'll try to write some advantages of her personality and doings. As far as I remember, I have felt a strong respect towards her only once. It was when she broke the Aquarius's key in order to summon the Celestial Spirit King. The next thing is that actually, I really like her new longer hair. Her powers connected to the Zodiac Signs are interesting, too. Oh! I also liked a drama-like scenario with her dad and mum because it showed that Lucy can overcome awful hardships and smile despite them. Unfortunately, I think that all the positive things I can write about her end here. You know why? It's because every time I read FT I have a feeling that her main role leads to fanservice. Manga pages are just full of shots of her panties, bras, woman body features and curves. I wish I could see her in a better light, all in all she's one of the main charas. She has to be rescued most of the times and mostly while crying for help to Natsu. I know that the people differ - we can meet strong and independent ones and the ones who are weak and not well-adapted to the reality, however, the great amount of fanservice with her playing the main role really can hide the existence of positive aspects. Let's take her new and advanced powers, for example. She can now use a little of her Spirits' magic and in order to do so her outfit changes. It of course varies from different bras to mini skirts to maid outfits so in my point of view, it's another excuse for showing feminine features. And what about the types of tortures showed in the recent chapters - a goat licking the salt from Lucy's feet? What kind of fetish is that?!
Erza had her fanservice moments, too but they weren't as frequent as in Lucy's case. Eventhough, I'll never forgive the scene where Kyouka was torturing and beating Erza who was completely naked. I know that shounens are aimed at boys but I think that the authors and editors have the awareness that the border between what's for boys and what's for girls is getting smaller, especially when it comes to such genres as fighting, adventure and fantasy ones. I guess I have the law to share my thoughts and opinions then. :D Hi, me?

 By the way, how could possibly Charle's power evolve to that extent that she can turn into a neko girl? O.OYami Shocked

Death Parade Death Parade gif Decim 
 I'm so disappointed that it ended so quickly. Cry forever  To those who hasn't seen the series yet - it's totally worth spending some time in front of computer screen. Racing Girl Emoji (Running Cry) [V2] If you like the more mature titles with a psychological and existential themes, then DP is something definitely for you. First of all, you shouldn't be mistaken by the cheerful opening song.Death Parade gif   It's very catchy and I still love listening to it - it just helps me relax and feel better. During the opening, we can see all of the main charas as well as some minor ones dancing, jumping, smiling and having an easy time. But everything changes after that. During most of the episodes the atmosphere is tense, very dramatic, many times I felt tears forming in my eyes, the tears of sadness, sympathy, regret, anger, sorrow but also the ones of happiness, understanding, relief and kindness. As you can see the series serves you a wide range of emotions and often tries to make you think in order to try to understand the human's nature. Death Parade gif

 The main place where the events occur is so called Quindecim - a bar where Decim (the arbiter) and Black-Haired Woman (later on revealed to be named Chiyuki, the human on whom Decim couldn't give the judgement) persuade the guests to play one of the games for their lives sake. However, the visitors don't know that they're already dead at the time. During many games such as cards, darts, bowling or even twister, the guests are starting to remember their lives bit by bit, leading them to the harsh realization of their own deaths. All the games are prepared to build the tension so that both good and bad sides of a person could be seen which will lead to the appropriate judgement and here are two options possible.Death Parade gif 
  1. Being sent to the Void without a chance of going back to Earth.
  2. Getting the chance of being reincarnated.
 I should state the fact that the arbiters don't have emotions (Decim showed them a little in the end Death Parade gif Decim ) so having a once living human alongside is very interesting.

Fate/stay Night Unlimited Blade WorksSaber Sword Icon 

 I really love the Fate universe. Although I don't know every single corner of it, it still amazes me and draws me into the world of interesting characters.
 The fresh series features one of the paths of the game where Rin Tohsaka is the main heroine so we will have more romance between Rin and Shirou than the one between Shirou and Saber shown in the previous version of FSN. The graphics, both the characters and the backgrounds, are on a very high level, I would say. I love all the colors and breathtaking views.
 The ending and opening sequences in the second season are better overall, especially the opening one. I'm glad that we are getting to know the charas better, being shown the stories of some of them, for example Caster and Illya in recent episodes.
 I don't like what Archer is actually thinking but he's not that stupid so maybe he has his own reasons and some sort of a plan. Gilgamesh Talking Icon

 All in all, I wouldn't be myself if I hadn't compared it to the prequel - Fate/Zero. I still prefer the prequel. FZ had more serious atmosphere, I had a feeling that the series was also better when it comes to the character development - servants and their masters seemed closer to me. Maybe it was a little less action than we can see in the sequel but I found the plot more unexpected and surprising. Moreover, in FZ the charas seemed more mature and realized their hard situation. Very often it was hard to say whether they were good or the bad ones, everyone had their positive and negative traits and that is what made them more human-like, closer to reality. Even Waver could be dependable at times and the psychopath one - Ryuunosuke had his 'point' in his madness, too. In FSN we have to deal with typical tsundere - Tohsaka (nevertheless, I really like her), Shinji the jerk completely not prepared for the role of a master (who the hell has even chosen him), Shirou who is just too nice to everyone and too straight-forward stating his feelings to Tohsaka (I don't want the pink background, shining stars, beautiful flowers around them or anything which is too shoujo like but come on... I'm not sure how to desribe it properly but something's off, besides I still can't erase from my memory his statement from the older adaptation that people die if they are killed, seriously...). Despite all the complains, i still love the series and Fate will stay as one of my favourite series of all time. Fate/Zero Icon: Saber

 I can't wait for the second season of the anime series (with more lively and powerful OST, I hope) as there is happening a lot in the manga.
 Karasuno finally won against Oikawa and the rest of Aobajousai. They're getting nearer and nearer to the top but again there is another strong enemy ahead of them - Shiratorizawa, the champions! Our Karasuno boys are having a difficult time, even incredible Noya-san and his receives. Thisis  because of the fact that the team's ace being Ushijima is left-handed, which is a rare opportunity to fight against a player like that.Mama suga The trajectory of the ball is different so boys have yet to adjust to it. In addition to this, Ushijima is a powerful player.
 However, Nishinoya finally became able to receive the opposite team's ace's spikes because he is very concentrated and dependable while on the court. He's totally awesome!
 Kei's brother has also shown up and is cheering alongside other Karasuno's friends on the audience. Tsukishima is not so pleased with that, of course but maybe this will lead to another little change in Kei's personality.
I really can't wait for the next chapters.

 Oki doki, I think that's all for now. Sorry for the length of the jounral and thank you in advance for reading. Levy McGarden

Sorry for any mistakes in English and may the creativeness be with you. :iconpewdiebrofistplz:

Bye, bye. Yato (Lazy Waving) [V1] Annyeong Yunho 
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